Austin Fashion Week

Austin Fashion WeekGreetings from the blue jean capital of the world- no not Canada. From the city that defines and redefines casual chic brings you Austin Fashion Week–  a new platform for the fashion world. And by platform, I mean mostly boutique sponsored events that hand out booze and play fun music to encourage shopping. Not unlike a casino. Minus the oxygen pumped rooms of course. Austinites find 100 degree temperatures in place of that. Continue reading

The Beginning

Strong Choices

Recently I found myself in a weird place. An unemployed college graduate. Sound familiar? I hear you. As of yesterday, August 10th, I’m the official holder of a BBA. And since my employment at my university was contingent on enrollment, I seemingly dropped two obligations in the same day. Most people would feel sheer liberation at this point, but as the girl who started to research colleges at 12, not having a plan for what lies ahead comes with its challenges- like panic, overeating, undereating, and plowing into new hobbies  (see also patio furniture painting). But as much as I’d like to have a plan of action, I’m taking a moment for myself. I’m allowing myself to relish in the fact that I’ve just accomplished something big. Since our society sees a degree as the minimum for decent employment, we forget that graduating itself is an actual feat. So here’s to you if you’ve made it that far, you did something that most people will never do. Continue reading